Idle Space Destroyer - Planet Bomber Hyper Casual game

Idle Space Destroyer is the new, addictive idle simulation game.

Tap on the gorgeous planets and send rockets to explode it and achieve the next level.
Upgrade your rockets and Tap power to be even more powerful.

Go through dozens of cute planets, like Sushi, Cookie, Heart, Moons, Sun.

Upgrade system

Upgrade system (Click damage, Ship fire rate, rockets fire rate, offline earnings, rocket damage

Destruction effect

Colliding rockets and bullets damages the planet and "erasing" it

Offline Earnings

Earn money if you are away from the game. From 3 minutes to 24 hours the player gets an increasing amount.

Daily reward Ships and collectible ships

On day 3 and 7 the player unlocks a new ship design

Planet Map

Explore which planets you have already destroyed

Hurry, be the first who publishes the game!

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